Sometimes you just need to stop and breath

Life has been hectic. Hectic is actually an understatement. So yesterday, I took the whole day to just have fun. Here is a peak at my day of play.20121015-122123.jpgOne of my favorite little vintage dresses since it warmed up for the day20121015-122427.jpg
A walk with all sorts of signs of Fall20121015-122602.jpg
A little coffee session with a young Marlon Brando

A little “native spicy” stir fry from a hidden gem Thai restaurant

And ended the night with my favorite local boys, Bear Cub.

Like I said things have been HECTIC. Working three jobs and being a large part of my mother’s web blast for her site is very time consuming. I love everything I’m a part of, but it is spreading me a little thin. Twice this week I showered and blow dried my hair, and then realized I didn’t rinse out my conditioner! Proceeding that, I showed up at the airport 24 hours early to pick up my roomie. I think this day to clear my head, was much needed and enjoyed!