Sometimes you just need to stop and breath

Life has been hectic. Hectic is actually an understatement. So yesterday, I took the whole day to just have fun. Here is a peak at my day of play.20121015-122123.jpgOne of my favorite little vintage dresses since it warmed up for the day20121015-122427.jpg
A walk with all sorts of signs of Fall20121015-122602.jpg
A little coffee session with a young Marlon Brando

A little “native spicy” stir fry from a hidden gem Thai restaurant

And ended the night with my favorite local boys, Bear Cub.

Like I said things have been HECTIC. Working three jobs and being a large part of my mother’s web blast for her site is very time consuming. I love everything I’m a part of, but it is spreading me a little thin. Twice this week I showered and blow dried my hair, and then realized I didn’t rinse out my conditioner! Proceeding that, I showed up at the airport 24 hours early to pick up my roomie. I think this day to clear my head, was much needed and enjoyed!


The Lou!

We all need a mini vacation sometimes. So I grabbed a friend, packed my bags, and off to St. Louis for two days!

Found free tickets to Metric’s show next door to our hotel

Took Deidre to get her eyebrows threaded for the first time, and she loved it!Got a vegan philly cheesesteak at SweetArts 

Got to act like big kids at City Museum (out of breath the entire time)

This slide left many bruises on my backside We couldn’t leave without going to St. Louis’s free zooA successful first trip to the Midwest I’d say

We’ll be back to “The Lou” real soon

Falling for Fall



(Modcloth dress, target tights, vintage scarf and boots)

Fall is officially here!

It is by far my favorite season, lets be honest it’s EVERYONE’S favorite season.

Not overly hot/ not wretchedly cold

Beautiful burst of colors everywhere you go

I think its nature’s way of giving you something to look forward to all year.

For me though it is all about the fact that I get to wear sweaters, tights, and boots everyday.

Not to mention its still warm enough to wear them with my dresses, and all those burnt color tones melt my heart.

I also live in Nashville.

Nashville is a city made for my own heart, it completely flourishes during Fall.

Every concert you could ever want to see will be in Nashville in October.

The community also puts a ton of events during fall to get people out of their houses like Live on the green, musicians Corner, Farmers market night market, and so much more.

It is a good thing most of it is free because I will be to busy to work between now and winter!

Empty Nest Syndrome

Chicken update

The little girls are all grown up and in their coop!

We decided to save a little money and build our own coop

here is some pictures of each stage

(The coop is made mostly out of an old bunk bed, but we talked a contractor into letting us dumpster dive for some extra wood.)

Step 2 is the frame. This was the hardest step because we didn’t use any set plan. We google imaged for days, and decided on a triangle shape.

Step 3 turning the frame into a home

Step 4 the detailing! (This step was my specialty. Painting is a lot easier than power tools)

Now the Ginger and Nugget are out on their own!

Happy 4th of July!

Alright so I’m a little late, but we were all out having fun anyway.


Thrifted patriotic outfit!


B.Y.O.V. (Bring your own veggies!)

My 4th was terrific. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and this holiday was just what I needed. We spent the day at the lake, cooked out, and watched fireworks on a hidden bridge. How was your Independence day?


It has been a great couple of days!

Stocked up at the East Nashville Farmer’s Market this wednesday. The market runs every wednesday from 3:30 to 6:30 for those of you Nashvillians. There is also a similar market at Sevier Park every Tuesday from 3 to 6.

Cooked up some of my new fresh veggies. Sautéed the veggies in a light balsamic vinaigrette, and then put them over tomato garlic risotto. So delicious!

Then it was time for Supper and a Song at Imogene and Willie

A bunch of friends, local food, and live music! Imogene and Willie does this every wednesday night during summer; it’s always a great time.

 Finished a great couple of days with some quality time with this little friend of mine.

Hope you guys have been having a great week too!

Fun in the Sun

This weekend was my mother and aunt’s (twins) birthday. Happy 50th! Also, Happy Father’s day mom, you were the best father I could have asked for.


The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.



These ladies know how to celebrate! A day of wine in the pool, followed by a steak and lobster dinner (I obviously did not partake). The table settings looked gorgeous though.

I loved these adorable floating can holders. How convenient!Image

It was a great day with my small family. I’m sure these ladies have another 50 years of being “fabulous”

ahead of them.

The newest addition!


After months of talk, I finally have my very own baby chickens! These love buckets have yet to be named. They’re the cutest! I’ve been planning out the coop for what seems like eternity, and getting everything these little guys could need. I finally got to bring them home today. I’ve been just watching them for hours! Me and Murray( the cat) side by side watching these sweet birds adjust to a new home, learn to walk/ eat, and fall over face forward to go to sleep. This is going to be an adventure!

For those of you curious, I do plan on cooking with their eggs when they get to that stage. Since there is no rooster, and I’m raising them properly as well as organically, I feel morally okay with eating them. Brunch party at my house in about 20 weeks!