DIY split bottle

Pencil Holder, Tooth brush stand, Vase, this project can make so many things.

All you need is:

Nail polish remover : $0.97

Yarn: $1.77

Beer or wine bottles: recycled!

Lighter: we all have one

Sand paper sheet: $1.00 (not necessary, but helpful)

Fill sink with cold water


Wrap the yarn around the bottle three times where you would like it to split. Tie the yarn very tight and cut off extra. Slip the yarn off and submerge it in the nail polish remover.Image

Place the soaked yarn back on bottle where you want it to split. Make sure your sink is filled with cold water, then light the yarn on fire. Spin the bottle continuously so the fire spreads evenly. Continue spinning for about a minute or until flame dies. Holding the top and bottom of the bottle drop it into the cold water. The glass should split into two. Sand down the split and put it to use!