Empty Nest Syndrome

Chicken update

The little girls are all grown up and in their coop!

We decided to save a little money and build our own coop

here is some pictures of each stage

(The coop is made mostly out of an old bunk bed, but we talked a contractor into letting us dumpster dive for some extra wood.)

Step 2 is the frame. This was the hardest step because we didn’t use any set plan. We google imaged for days, and decided on a triangle shape.

Step 3 turning the frame into a home

Step 4 the detailing! (This step was my specialty. Painting is a lot easier than power tools)

Now the Ginger and Nugget are out on their own!


Happy 4th of July!

Alright so I’m a little late, but we were all out having fun anyway.


Thrifted patriotic outfit!


B.Y.O.V. (Bring your own veggies!)

My 4th was terrific. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and this holiday was just what I needed. We spent the day at the lake, cooked out, and watched fireworks on a hidden bridge. How was your Independence day?


105 degree why are you making me wear clothing outfit

I don’t know about where you guys are, but here is smoldering! The last two weeks have been over 100 degrees. I’m from south Floida (where its been in the 80’s) , and I still cannot handle this. I’m an outside kind of girl. Can we go out to eat? Only if we can sit on a patio. Want to go see a movie? How about if we go to Movie’s in the Park. This is not true this week. I’ve planned every day about how to spend as little time outside as possible.

This is my “eventually you have to go outside” outfit.

Thrifted floral dress, purse, and belt

Target sandals

and free case of camera shy

Three quick vegan junk food

Vegan Jalapeño poppers

These are everything I could ever ask for!

Cut a few jalapeños in half and clean out seeds

stuff with Tofutti cream

dip in milk substitute (almond, soy, etc.)

coat in a flour then panko

pan fry in a small amount of oil


This is my go to meal when i don’t feel like cooking, but want something filling.

Just cook up some toast ( I use gluten free, but be careful lots have egg in them)

sauté some bacon tempeh, LightLife Fakin’ Bacon is wonderful

throw on some of your favorite sandwich veggies

a little bit of vegenaise

and you’re set!

Cheater Blueberry Pancakes

2 cups Bisquick

1 full banana

1 cup soy milk

mix until banana is completely mashed and consistency is even

add a hand full of blueberries

and cooking in a skillet pan with vegan butter

till both sides are golden

ps. adding fresh blueberries on top makes it 10x better